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Wellness Programmes

Online Wellness
Programme 1
Ayurvedic Radiance: Natural Skin Care Secrets
Specialization: Ayurvedic Skin Care
Target Audience: Individuals interested in natural skin care solutions.
Topics Covered:
Understanding skin types according to Ayurveda
Ayurvedic beauty rituals for glowing skin
Natural remedies for common skin issues (e.g., acne, dryness)
DIY Ayurvedic face masks and treatments
Seasonal skin care routines

No. of Sessions [ 3 ]
Fees : $ 500

Programme 2
Lustrous Locks: Ayurvedic Hair Care Solutions
Specialization: Ayurvedic Hair Care
Target Audience: Those looking to improve hair health naturally.
Topics Covered:
Ayurvedic approach to hair types and conditions
Herbal hair oils and treatments for hair growth and strength
Remedies for common hair problems (e.g., dandruff, hair loss)
Nutritional tips for healthy hair
Scalp massage techniques and their benefits

No. of Sessions [ 2 ]
Fees : $ 400

Programme 3
Nourish from Within: Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition
Specialization: Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition
Target Audience: Individuals seeking dietary guidance for health and wellness.
Topics Covered:
Principles of Ayurvedic nutrition and Dosha-specific diets
Meal planning and recipes for balanced nutrition
Importance of mindful eating and digestive health
Seasonal eating practices
Superfoods and herbs for optimal health

No. of Sessions [ 3 ]
Fees : $ 500
Programme 7
Youthful You: Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Secrets
Specialization: Anti-Aging and Longevity
Target Audience: Individuals looking to maintain youthful vitality and slow aging.
Topics Covered:
Ayurvedic approach to aging and longevity
Diet and lifestyle tips for healthy aging
Rejuvenation techniques to maintain vitality
Role of Rasayana (rejuvenative herbs) in anti-aging
Creating a long-term wellness plan for longevity

No. of Sessions [ 2 ]
Fees : $ 300

Programme 8
Digestive Harmony: Ayurvedic Gut Health
Specialization: Digestive Health
Target Audience: Those seeking to improve their digestive health naturally.

Topics Covered:

Ayurvedic understanding of digestion (Agni)
Foods and practices to enhance digestive health
Remedies for common digestive issues (e.g., bloating, constipation)
Importance of mindful eating and proper food combinations
Herbal supplements for digestive wellness

No. of Sessions [ 2 ]
Fees : $ 300

Programme 4
Inner Glow: Ayurvedic Detox and Rejuvenation
Specialization: Ayurvedic Detox and Rejuvenation
Target Audience: Those interested in detoxification and rejuvenation.
Topics Covered:
Introduction to Panchakarma and its benefits
Home-based detox practices and routines
Rejuvenation techniques for vitality and energy
Role of diet and herbs in detox and rejuvenation
Post-detox lifestyle and maintenance tips

No. of Sessions [ 4 ]
Fees : $ 800

Programme 5
Stress Less: Ayurvedic Approaches to Mental Wellness
Specialization: Stress Management and Mental Clarity
Target Audience: Individuals looking for natural ways to manage stress and improve mental clarity.
Topics Covered:
Ayurvedic perspective on stress and its impact on health
Techniques for managing stress naturally
Practices for enhancing mental clarity and focus
Role of diet and lifestyle in stress management

No. of Sessions [ 2 ]
Fees : $ 300

Programme 6
Ayurvedic Weight Wellness: Balanced Approaches to Weight Management
Specialization: Weight Management
Target Audience: Those interested in natural and balanced approaches to weight management.
Topics Covered:
Understanding weight management through Ayurveda
Dosha-specific dietary guidelines for weight control
Effective Ayurvedic herbs and remedies for weight management
Exercise and lifestyle tips for maintaining healthy weight
Long-term strategies for balanced weight wellness

No. of Sessions [ 4 ]
Fees : $ 600
Programme 9
Ayurvedic Immunity Boost: Strengthening Your Defenses Naturally
Specialization: Immune Health
Target Audience: Individuals focused on boosting their immune system naturally.

Topics Covered:

Ayurvedic principles of immune health
Foods and herbs to strengthen immunity
Lifestyle practices for maintaining a strong immune system
Seasonal adjustments for optimal immune function
Home remedies for common colds and flu

No. of Sessions [ 2 ]
Fees : $ 300
Programme 10
Women's Wellness: Ayurvedic Health for Women
Specialization: Women's Health
Target Audience: Women looking to enhance their overall health and well-being naturally.

Topics Covered:
Ayurvedic approach to women's health across different life stages
Hormonal balance and menstrual health
Natural remedies for common women's health issues (e.g., PCOS,PMS, menopause)
Diet and lifestyle tips for women's vitality
Self-care practices and routines for women's wellness

No. of Sessions [ 2 ]
Fees : $ 300
These sessions provide targeted content tailored to specific interests, making it easier for individuals to find the right session that addresses their specific health and wellness needs.
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