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"To Protect The Healthy From Diseases
And To Cure Those Who Are Diseased"

The present day life style is pulling man away from the tender patting and care of nature. People are now weaker than their ancestors used to be, and they are easily prone to many illnesses. Today we tend to look at the symptoms and place too much importance on treating those alone rather than treating the person as a whole and taking other factors into account. If only the symptoms are treated, this leaves things wide open for them to return, however ayurvedic medicine and therapies treat the underlying cause rather that the symptoms, which leads to the body being able to take care of itself by a stronger immune system. At DKA we realize that treating patients with only suppressive drugs is extravagant, and suppressing disease is not enough to retain health. Therefore, our mission is to facilitate our patients with alternative treatment that has been accepted and supported worldwide.  We also offer the knowledge of this healing power to individuals who are interested in preventive medicine and also to those who are looking for therapies that are capable to cure chronic diseases through the various courses that we conduct.

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