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Western Spa Course

Ayurveda & Spa Courses

In this specialization we will train you to give a wide range of spa services to individual clients or to gain employment in a spa. The demand for Spa Treatments have been observed to have the fastest rate of growth than of any other specialty. Resorts, salons, cruise ships, and hotels world-wide are actively recruiting these specialists.  Spa Therapy is a multi billion dollar growth industry not just in India but around the world. By gaining expertise in the use of various spa treatments such as stone therapy, foot reflexology etc, you will have up to the minute skills which will open doors in both the spa and beauty therapy industries

Course duration : 3 & 1/2 weeks [ Total 7 sessions with 2 session of 1 hr each per week ]

Course contents :

Foot Reflexology –  Reflexology and massage aims to relieve stress or treat health conditions through the application of pressure to specific points or areas of the feet. The underlying idea of reflexology is that, areas of the feet correspond to (and affect) other parts of the body.

Swedish Therapy - The term "Swedish Massage" refers to a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. The usually sequence of techniques are: Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Vibration, Percussion etc

Head /Neck / Shoulder Therapy - A modern adaptation of an ancient massage technique practised for thousands of years. The therapeutic value lies in the power to relieve headaches, eyestrain and neck pain caused by modern day stress and tension built in our neck and shoulders. You will learn to give a simple 30-minute session of deep massage

Scrubs - A body scrub entails using a granular substance mixed with a specific liquid / essential oils which will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate by removing dead skin cells and moisturizing the skin.

Note – All our course can be completed earlier with prior intimation for foreign as well as local students, who are hard pressed on time, by putting in more no.of hours or coming on consecutive days (provided we have free time slots)

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