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Panchakarma Course For Doctors & Health Professsionals

Ayurveda & Spa Courses

This is a very informative course useful for both beginners and those with good understanding of Ayurvedic methods. Theory session includes in-depth explanations on various concepts in Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Massages, Treatment Procedures, Marma Points, Pulse Diagnosis Etc, Practical Session includes Kerala speciality massages and other Ayurvedic massage techniques like Face Massage, Head Massage, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Massage with Herbal Bags, etc.

Course duration : 15 sessions of 1 hour each [ 2 sessions per week ]


  • Introduction To Ayurveda

  • The Pancha Maha Bhuta Concept

  • Tridosha Concept (VITAL ENERGIES)

  • Concept Of Saptha Dhatus (BODY TISSUES)

  • Concept Of Malas (WASTE PRODUCTS)

  • Concept Of Agni (DIGESTIVE FIRE)

  • Concept Of Koshtas (ALIMENTARY TRACT)

  • Concept Of Deha Prakruti (BODY TYPE)


  • Sneha Karma

  • Benefits Of Proper Sudation

  • Regimen To Be Followed After Sudation Therapy

  • Panchakarma Therapy

  • Description Of Vamana (EMESIS THERAPY)

  • Description Of Virechana (PURGATION THERAPY)

  • Description Of Vasti (ENEMA THERAPY)

  • Description Of Nasya (NASAL CLEANSING)

  • Description Of Rakta Mokshan (BLOOD LETTING THERAPY)

  • Concepts OF Pulse Diagnosis

  • Properties And Use Of Various Herbal Oils


1.  Abhyanga
2.  Ayur Head Massage
3.  Ayur Face Massage
4.  Shirodhara  / Takradhara

5.  Elakzhi - Massage with Bags of Herbal Leaves

6.  Podikizhi - Massage with Herbal Powders tied up in a bag

7.  Navarakizhi -Massage with Herbal Rice tied up in a bag

8.  Udhwarthana - Dry Massage with Herbal Powders for Obesity

9.Pizichil - Oil Bath

10.Kati Vasti / Greva Vasti / Janu Vasti - Local Treatment for Back Pain/Neck Pain/Knee Pain

11.Nasyam - Cleansing of Head through Nasal Medication

12. Netratarpanam - Eye Treatment

13. Talapothichil

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