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Today ayurved has become an integral part of our lifestyle by way of cosmetics, health tonics, massages, health and fitness etc.. The popularity of Ayurveda can be gauged from the fact that, today no five star hotel is complete without these therapies being provide to their guests. In fact the trend today is for the guest to check out the spa facilities before booking a hotel. Our vast experience in this field has made it possible for us to identify the gap between the needs of the people for the ayurvedic treatments and the unavailable facilities. The people in general have started welcoming Kerala Ayurved as an alternative method of curing various ailments but are hesitant to travel all the way to Kerala due to the language and cultural barrier. Moreover with Kerala Ayurved becoming popular all over the world many fly by night operators have sprung up all over our city. Pure & natural ayurvedic medicines & treatments have no side effects. But any medication or treatments taken from such places may do more harm than good to your body. Hence, there had to be an organisation, which will lead the people in the right direction and assist them with their queries and requirements in the field of ayurved. All these factors and also the faith reposed on us by the patients who took treatments from us, encouraged us to take it further by way of franchising. In today's hectic times, while stretching ourselves to fulfill the daily routines, we seldom get enough time to become aware of the necessacity of healthcare and to search for the resources. In our constant endeavour to provide the best possible services to the society to which we belong, lets come together to share their knowledge with all those in need.

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