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Ask any business house what they believe determines the success of their organization, and almost always they will point to the importance of their employees. However, the pressures of meeting deliverables, putting in long working hours and working across time zones create a work-life imbalance which begins to take its toll on the health of employees. Other factors such as long commuting hours and chaotic traffic conditions add to their stress. It can undermine the employee's relationship at home as well as on the job. This can have a negative influence on their physical and emotional health - which in turn impacts their performance. Eliminating all stress is impossible, but teaching your employees how to manage and control it is our mission. Although most of these problems can be handled by the individuals themselves, sometimes the assistance of a professional is required. Employee morale, workload, work life quality, and health are key factors that influence sales, profits, and overall performance. Organizations are increasingly investing time and effort to implement educational programs and health promotion strategies in the workplace that are aimed at enhancing employee performance. Our programmes aim to cover not only the mental aspect but also the physical aspect of an employee thus maintaining an equilibrium between body, mind and soul. We can provide you with various individualized programmes to start a complete Stress Management Programme within your business.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, to make an appointment for our Doctor to come to your workplace to discuss further how workplace therapy will benefit your workforce.

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