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Once diagnosed with Cancer, think wisely do not panic. Prior / Post surgery or chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Ayurveda Rasayana should be taken to minimize the common side effects like Diarrhoea, Loss of appetite, Anorexia, Vomiting, Constipation, Stomatitis, Burning sensation, Fever, Weakness, Loss of weight, Alopecia,  delays in the chemotherapy and radiotherapy schedule  affecting the outcome of Cancer. Hence, Pre / Post treatment is essential in all cancer patients, depending on their health status. Studies have clearly shown that Rasayanas help in combating the side effects of chemotherapy drugs like cyclophosphamide, which is a common drug given to the patients of Breast Cancer. Prior Administration of Rasayana drugs also harmonizes the doshas in the body which are responsible for several side effects like hairloss mouth ulcers , body pains, constipation etc. Even if there are side effects, post chemo and radiotherapy Ayurveda medicines help to reduce their impact and help in faster recovery. Ayurvedic medicines having cooling property are also found to be effective to reduce excessive heat produced due to Chemotherapy medicines. Thus patients get relief in Burning sensation in chest, palms, soles & in eyes. Ayurvedic medicines improving blood count & removing toxicities in blood are also beneficial to maintain Hemoglobin, WBC count & platelets. Ayurvedic medicines are the best agents for cleansing the body off the toxins as well as rebalancing the body after cancer treatment will surely aid in restoring optimum health and well-being to by improving quality of life. Contat us for an appointment with our Doctor, to check & decide which herbal suppliment will work best for you.

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