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Healthy Weight loss

Published by Ajit Kalloor in Diet & Fitness · 13/12/2012 14:12:13
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Weight loss and weight management is mistaken by many as comprising of a starvation oriented diet that aims at reducing excess weight. The cardinal rule of weight loss that cannot be stressed enough is ‘never starve yourself’. Your body has been designed to factor in extreme circumstances that can adversely affect health and will cautiously step into a storage mode where each morsel you consume will be hoarded against a perceived time of want. The end result would be frustration and weight gain—neither of which was what you set out to achieve.

Weight loss should involve a combination of healthy eating, exercise and healthy living while also ensuring that both body and mind stay happy. It is vital that the essential elements of daily diet be maintained while eliminating superfluous empty calories as well as simultaneously incorporating a tolerable exercise routine.

Why do you need to lose weight?

You will be required to lose weight if your present weight is higher than the recommended weight for your height and age.

Understanding your metabolism

If you understand how your body uses up calories, you will be better able to define the nature of activities and the types of exercise that can contribute to your healthy weight loss plan. Here, it is important to note that your body will use up more energy in digesting complex foods and proteins into an absorbable form than the empty calories that one can get from junk food or colas. The emphasis of a weight-loss diet should be on protein

The weight-loss plan

Now that you have decided to tackle the problem of those extra pounds, it is time to draw up a plan. Your ideal plan will include:  Healthy exercising & Healthy dieting.
Healthy exercising: Healthy exercising is all about developing the right mix of resistance and Cardiovascular exercises. One type of exercise that you pick serves the purpose of weight loss, toning or muscle mass increase.
• You will need to tone your muscles by stretching and mild weight-bearing exercises to help develop some strength and flexibility.
• Aerobic or Cardiovascular exercises will get your heart racing and the blood flowing in your veins. This will burn up the excess calories that are present in your fat stores. Initially, this is the form of exercise which will help you lose weight along with the toning exercises.
• After you have lost some weight and are nearing your ideal weight for your height and frame, you will need to start resistance or strength-building exercises. These will involve sit-ups, push-ups, weight-lifting etc.
Healthy eating
The right diet will decide your frame of mind and the weight loss you undergo and define whether the options you have chosen are sustainable.

The Ayurvedic Treatment “VASTI” is given for people with weight issues. This treatment for 16-24 days helps in cleansing the digestive system of the accumulated toxins built up over a period of time thus helping the system absorb all the nutrients in food better.

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