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Ayur Beauty Course

Certified Spa & Ayurveda Courses

This unique course explains various aspects of Ayurvedic Beauty Care methods. Program covers various face treatments, body treatments and hair care methods. Methods taught in this course are effective in treating various beauty related issues. Besides students also learn how to customize the treatments after analyzing the clients Skin, hair and body types which is one of the important highlight of the program. Please see the complete information of the program below.

Theory And Practical Session Includes -

1) Introduction To Ayurvedic Beauty Care
2) Basic Concepts In Ayurvedic Beauty Care
3) Body Types
4) Scalp and Hair Treatments
   a) Ayurvedic Head massage
   b) Hair Treatments
   c) Herbal Hair Mask
   d) Thalapodichil

5. Face Treatments
  a) Ayurvedic Face Massage
  b) Steam
  c) Herbal Scrub
  d) Herbal Face pack / Mask

6. Eye Treatments
   a) Netra Tarpan
   b) Eye massage
   c) Under eye Treatment with eye packs

7. Hand and Foot Treatments
   a) Hand Massage
   b) Foot massage

8. Body Treatments
   a) Njavarakizhi
   b) Herbal Body Scrub
   c) Back Massage

Course duration : 4 weeks
2 session of 1 hr each per week

Note – All our courses can be completed earlier with prior intimation for those students who are hard pressed on time, by putting in more no.of hours or coming on consecutive days.

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